The 3 Lushest Bath & Body Picks

When you walk into any Lush store around the world, it's like you're in Alice's Wonderland.

Cotton-candy colors, sweet aromas and eye-catching trinkets everywhere.

I've been in Lush stores in Kansas City, New York City, Ireland and Canada. And it's the same amazing store experience everywhere.


Lush is a Canadian company producing fresh, handmade cosmetics. They're one of my favorite cosmetics stores because it stands for 100 percent against animal testing, 83 percent vegetarian products, and uses reused and recycled packaging whenever possible.

Here are a few of my favorite items:


WHOOSH shower jelly! It's jiggly and makes you feel like a kid again — kind of like blubber. To use it, take a piece of the jelly and rub it into your loofah or wash cloth until it suds and bubbles. The lemon, lime and rosemary infused-jelly is a surprised combination, but heavenly.


I've been wearing Karma perfume since I was 15 years old — almost a decade! As you can see, I wear out every bottle. I carry it with me everywhere, just in case I need some good karma ;)

It's a patchouli blend, which can be strong, but I think this is a balanced scent.


Lastly, toothy tabs! Sometime's Lush products seem like they're from the future, and this is definitely toothpaste from the Jetson's.

Toothy tabs are solid toothpaste, little tabs that you break up with your teeth and it suds up in your mouth. Then proceed as normal! I love it, because I don't have to put it in my 3-1-1 liquids carry on bag when traveling, and the packaging is made from recycled paper, and you can break it down and recycle it again when you're done. So, it's very ecological, which is totally up my alley.


Do you shop at Lush? What are your favorite products? Start the conversation below in the comments!

Bisous, xo