France At Your Doorstep

Bonjour mes amis!

For a Francophile like myself, anything that brings popular French goods to my doorstep is a must! My mom surprised me with this little treat, and I was like, "Oui, please!"


Oui Please is a subscription box curated by French influencers. They're full-sized, luxury products that are designed and produced in France. Founded by Jessica Barouche, she was a France ex-pat living Texas when she realized how hard it was to find non-cliché French items in the United States. So, she started a company (go girl!) to bring real French goods to real French lovers (like me, obviously!).

Each Oui Please box is "a luxury experience that transports you straight to France and back — no boarding pass required!" And it lives up to its promise.

These French goods sure are luxurious. Here's what was in my box:

Oui Please Magazine

Saisons D'Eden La Crème de Beauté

Nail Lacquer

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Clavie Serum

Les Interchangeables Bracelet

Boissier BonBons

Fay Maison Waffle Mix

Herbes de Provence

Les Néréides Bracelet

Beach Blanket


The Clavie serum has a strong rose concentration. I love rose toner and other rose products on my skin, but I think the smell might be a bit too much for some people.

The Boissier BonBons are lemon and lavender hard candies. Perfect to remedy a sore throat (like a lozenge) or just to indulge yourself!


Herbes de Provence is sold all over the south of France. It's a basic blend of herbs that you can use these dried herbs on meat, fish, an egg dish or anything else you can think of.


I loved receiving this beach blanket — it's made of tightly woven cotton. These type of beach blankets are very popular in the South of France. I picked up a similar one when I was studying abroad in Cannes in 2013. Unfortunately, I spilled soy sauce on it; I was enjoying my last night in Cannes with some sushi and rosé on the beach and the soy sauce stained my new favorite beach blanket. But now, I have a new one to enjoy!

All these items are lovely and radiate France in their essence. I loved receiving this box, and perhaps I'll treat myself to another one someday!

Bisous, xo.


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